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Theater in the Americas

In publishing a wide range of scholarship on theater and performance, this series defines theater in its broadest terms and includes subjects that encompass all of the Americas.

Focusing on not only the performance and production of theater but also theater artists and practitioners, Theater in the Americas welcomes studies of dramatic literature as well. Meant to be inclusive, the series invites studies of traditional, experimental, and ethnic forms of theater; celebrations, festivals, and rituals that perform culture; and acts of civil disobedience that are performative in nature. The series includes studies of theater and performance activities of all cultural groups within the Americas, including biographies of individuals, histories of theater companies, studies of cultural traditions, and collections of plays.

Series Editor, Scott Magelssen

Scott Magelssen is an associate professor at the University of Washington and a coeditor of Theatre Historiography: Critical Interventions. He is a past president of the Mid-America Theatre Conference and a coeditor, with Henry Bial, of the website

Scott Magelssen, Editor

Sponsoring Editor, Kristine Priddy

Rosemarie K. Bank, Kent State University
Jonathan Chambers, Bowling Green State University
Mark Cosdon, Allegheny College
Harry J. Elam Jr., Stanford University
Harley Erdman, University of Massachusetts
Lesley Ferris, The Ohio State University
Jorge Huerta, University of California, San Diego
Christopher Innes, York University
Ric Knowles, University of Guelph, Ontario
Felicia Londré, University of Missouri–Kansas City
Kim Marra, University of Iowa
Tice L. Miller, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Elizabeth Reitz-Mullenix, Miami University
Denis Salter, McGill University, Montreal
Tamara L. Underiner, Arizona State University
Les Wade, University of Arkansas
Barry B. Witham, University of Washington
Stacy Wolf, Princeton University

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