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Celebrating the Peoples of Illinois

Illinois has a long and proud history of attracting immigrant populations from around the globe. The Celebrating the Peoples of Illinois series seeks to educate and entertain readers with well-researched yet readable histories of ethnic groups residing in the state. Books in this series will explore and celebrate the unique historical and cultural contributions of these groups to Illinois.

Each book will focus on the people of a specific ethnic group and provide historical background about their homeland, the reasons for and the timing of their migration, their adaptation to life in Illinois, and a description of their presence in the state today. Each book in this series will contain an annotated bibliography or bibliographic essay detailing available resources for further reading, as well as illustrations, such as photographs, maps, and sidebars, that will give readers unique insight into each ethnic group’s history and culture.

Series editor Jeff Hancks seeks manuscripts on diverse ethnic groups. Books are intended to be brief.

Jeff Hancks is the Florence and Lillian Baxter Snyder Professor of Regional and Icarian Studies, and the director of archives and special collections at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. He is the author or editor of several journal articles and books, including Scandinavians in Michigan, which is part of the series Discovering the Peoples of Michigan, published by Michigan State University Press.

Jeff Hancks, Series Editor
Professor of Regional Studies
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455

Sponsoring Editor, Kristine Priddy

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