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Constructing Rhetorical Education

Constructing Rhetorical Education

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Edited by Marie Secor and Davida Charney


NLEB (Other formats: Hardcover)
456 pages, 6 x 9


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About the Book

In nineteen essays illustrating its many aspects, this book offers an argument for what it takes to construct a complete rhetorical education.

The editors take an approach that is pragmatic and pluralistic, based as it is on the assumptions that a rhetorical education is not limited to teaching freshman composition (or any specific writing course) and that the contexts in which such an education occurs are not limited to classrooms. This thought-provoking volume stresses that while a rhetorical education results in the growth of writing skills, its larger goal is to foster critical thinking.


Marie Secor is associate professor of English at Pennsylvania State University.

Davida Charney is assistant professor of English at Pennsylvania State University.