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Nelumbonaceae to Vitaceae

Nelumbonaceae to Vitaceae

Water Lotuses to Grapes

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Robert H. Mohlenbrock


Hardcover (Other formats: E-book)
488 pages, 6 x 9, 346 illustrations

Aquatic and Standing Water Plants of the Central Midwest


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About the Book

In this fourth and final installment in the Aquatic and Standing Water Plants of the Central Midwest series, veteran botanist Robert H. Mohlenbrock identifies aquatic and wetland plants in eight central Midwestern states, which include Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky (excluding the Cumberland Mountain region), Missouri, and Nebraska.

Nelumbonaceae to Vitaceae: Water Lotuses to Grapes contains 346 highly informative and technically accurate illustrations as well as ecological information, nomenclature, and keys for plants in the aforementioned families, including white water lily, fireweed, smartweed, mild water pepper, hawthorn, and wild strawberry. Mohlenbrock identifies and describes each plant in concise and readable prose and indicates its usual habitats and the states in which it occurs.

As with previous volumes, Mohlenbrock organizes each species into three groups: truly aquatic plants, which spend their entire life with their vegetative parts either completely submerged or floating on the water’s surface; emergents, which are usually rooted under water with their vegetative parts standing above the water’s surface; and wetland plants, which live most or all of their lives out of water.

With Nelumbonaceae to Vitaceae, Mohlenbrock completes the four-volume series organizing and identifying wetland plants in the central Midwest. The botanical series will aid many, from teachers and students to state and federal employees, focused on conservation efforts and mitigation issues.


Robert H. Mohlenbrock has studied plants for more than sixty years. Since his retirement from the department of biology and plant taxonomy at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1990, he has served as senior scientist for Biotic Consultants Inc., teaching wetland identification classes around the country. He is the author of fifty-nine books and more than five hundred publications.