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Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 11, 1925 - 1953

Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 11, 1925 - 1953

Essays, Reviews, Trotsky Inquiry, Miscellany, and Liberalism and Social Action

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John Dewey. Edited by Jo Ann Boydston


Paperback (Other formats: Hardcover)
702 pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Collected Works of John Dewey


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About the Book

This volume includes ninety-two items from 1935, 1936, and 1937, including Dewey’s 1935 Page-Barbour Lectures at the University of Virginia, published as Liberalism and Social Action.

In essay after essay Dewey analyzed, criticized, and reevaluated liberalism. When his controversial Liberalism and Social Action appeared, asking whether it was still possible to be a liberal, Horace M. Kallen wrote that Dewey “restates in the language and under the conditions of his times what Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence affirmed in the language and under the conditions of his.”

The diverse nature of the writings belies their underlying unity: some are technical philosophy; other philosophical articles shade into social and political themes; social and political issues permeate the educational articles, which in turn involve Dewey’s philosophical ideas.


Jo Ann Boydston is Director of the Center for Dewey Studies.

John J. McDermott is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Texas A & M University.